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Morel Construction Limited is the summation of many years commitment to craftsmanship, built on the solid foundation of Dax and Todd Morels experience.


Their passion for the construction industry began helping their father build sheds and restore vintage farm machinery on the family lifestyle property in Timaru. A solid work ethic and passion for everything ‘hands-on’ was established from this young age.


After completing their apprenticeships for leading commercial construction companies that included such projects as the CBS Arena, Christchurch Casino, Canterbury University Commerce Building and Canterbury Museum earthquake strengthening they branched into other areas of the industry both in New Zealand and overseas.


It is during this time that they honed their skills in traditional cob craft artistry, ranging from high spec, architectural residential building and project management, to multi-storey commercial construction and civil works - culminating in the skills and measures of true quality that is the Morel Construction standard.



Morel Construction is a proud sponsor of Pillars, who work hard at giving children with a parent in prison the support they need to break the cycle.

Click on the logo for more information on what Pillars do and how you to can support them.

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